Coastal Scents Classic Large Tapered Powder Brush

 photo IMG_20130424_044540_zpsc210e765.jpg

It seems like every time I turn around I’m falling in love with another Coastal Scents brush! After trying out their seriously impressive 22 brush set I hauled a few more brushes that are just as great! I didn’t own too many fluffy powder brushes so I opted to try the Classic Large Tapered Powder Brush. Such an excellent choice!

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As the name implies this is a pretty big brush. I was a little nervous about the size especially after it expanded after washing. However, this brush still managed to work extremely well on my small face! It’s very large and fluffy but the tapered end helps with precision greatly. I initially purchased this brush to use with my Ben Nye Banana Powder but I actually love using it to contour! The fluffy tapered shape helps apply my contour exactly where I want it and blend it out flawlessly with no harsh lines.

 photo 20130414_191706_zps5ec1dcf3.jpg

The Classic Large Tapered Powder Brush comes in a natural and synthetic version. I opted for the natural bristles since I intended on using it mostly for powders (although it works great with creams and liquids too!). The bristles are incredibly soft and pretty dense. It feels great on the skin. Not rough or scratchy at all. It did get a bit wider and fluffier after the first wash but since then it has maintained its shape pretty well. I don’t have too many issues with shedding during application but this brush is known to lose a hair or few during wash time. The shedding isn’t much of an issue for me because it isn’t excessive or bothersome but it does occur. A bit more often than a few of my Elf Studio brushes. Overall, it’s an excellent brush to own! It’s great quality and pretty affordable ($9). I definitely recommend heading over to Coastal Scents to check it out!