NYX Hauling!

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NYX is pretty darn awesome! From the lippies to their shadows I pretty much love it all! I’ve been building my clientele quite a lot lately (soo super exciting omg!!) so I’ve been doing a bit of shopping for my kit. Of course, I couldn’t resist grabbing a few things for myself but I managed to pick up a handful of goodies to paint faces with! Check it out!

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I really like NYX’s Slim Lip Liners (check out my review!) so I just had to stock my kit with them! I picked up a few new colors to expand my personal collection and some backups of colors I already own to use only on my clients. I’m trying to do this with a lot of my fave products. Digging through my train case every morning is soo annoying! Anywho!

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From left to right: Purple, Nude Pink, Edge Pink, Fuchsia, Prune

I have an intense love for pink and nude lip liners but I managed to grab a purple one too! Actually, Purple is an eyeliner! I’ve seen a lot of ladies on Specktra use it as a lip liner and the color is just gorgeous so I hopped on the bandwagon! I love that it doesn’t lean pink. It’ll look fabulous under my purple lippies! Nude Pink and Edge Pink are my favorites of the bunch though. Nude Pink works wonderfully with all of my nude lippies and Edge Pink looks like it’s a great dupe for MAC Embrace Me lip liner (which I am OBSESSED with!).

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From top to bottom: Glam Lagoon, Glam 24 Karat, Glam Azure

A girl can never have too many sparkly eyeliners right?! You’d think my Urban Decay glitter haul would have satisfied my craving for shiny lids but nope! I picked up 3 Glam Liner Aqua Luxe liquid liners in Glam Lagoon, Glam 24 Karat and Glam Azure. All three are simply beautiful! They have a pretty pigmented base and tons of glitter. I can’t wait to use Glam Lagoon!

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From left to right: Creme Brulee Butter Gloss, London Soft Matte Lip Cream, Antwerp Soft Matte Lip Cream, Addis Ababa Soft Matte Lip Cream

Of course I can’t make a haul without grabbing a few lippies! I really like the NYX Soft Matte lip creams so I grabbed three more! I’ve never tried the Butter glosses before but I’ve read quite a few good reviews about them so I figured I’d try one. Creme Brulee, London and Addis Ababa were all typical picks for me (nudes and pinks) but Antwerp was definitely the star of this lippie haul. I’m just LOVING coral lippies right now! I can’t believe I’m just now trying them!

3 Thoughts to “NYX Hauling!”

  1. Their lip liners are of great quality.

    1. fancie

      I really like their lip liners! I wish my Ulta had a bigger selection 🙁

  2. Alexis Jackson

    Do you know the nyx dupes for some of the mac lip liners? Mac beet lip liner?

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