NYX Liquid Crystal Liner Review

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I love NYX and I love glitter! You can only imagine how excited I was when I spotted these Liquid Crystal liners at Ulta. I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences with NYX products so I didn’t even hesitate to grab these although I’ve never tried any of their liquid liners. I guess I should have done my usual research before hauling the Liquid Crystal liners because they turned out to be not so great.

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I can’t bring myself to all out bash these liner because they truly aren’t that bad but I expected so much better quality from NYX. Sure, it’s a lower end brand but NYX usually delivers excellent quality products so this was a total surprise. The packaging is perfect. They’re small, slim and feel pretty sturdy. They feature a slim slightly stiff brush tip that’s pretty easy to use. The glitter payoff is pretty decent especially with such a fine brush tip. However, they don’t wear very well and the formula isn’t very consistent. I picked up three shades and they all perform a little differently. The worst offender of the bunch was Crystal Hip. This was quite the disappointment because Crystal Hip was the one I was the most excited about. It has a clear base and tons of holographic flecks of glitter. Applied it looks beautiful! Especially when layered over another liner or eyeshadow. However, Crystal Hip peels like no tomorrow! I have to pile it on and use it only over eyeshadow otherwise it begins peeling almost immediately after it dries. Cyrstal Gold has issues with peeling but not as severe as Crystal Hip. I can at least get a good 4-5 hours of wear before I start noticing peeling. The best of the three was Crystal Gun Metal, a dark silver shade. For some reason Cyrstal Gun Metal has little issues with peeling. It was nowhere as problematic as Crystal Hip and Crystal Gold. Weird right??

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It’s such a shame the Liquid Crystal liners don’t perform better because they are truly gorgeous in person! The glitter payoff is just amazing but such a waste since everything peels right off. I honestly wouldn’t recommend them at all! They’re not completely terrible for a $5 glitter liner but NYX could have done soooo much better! They offer cheaper products that work far better than these peel monsters!


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  1. Same thing happened to my NYX liquid liner, I got a green one a while ago for St. Patricks Day and it sucked. It ended up being one big glob 🙁

    1. fancie

      I’m really disappointed in NYX glitter products. These are a pain in the butt to work with and I tried one of their glitter cream palettes that was even WORST!

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