RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection

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I love MAC and I love Rihanna so what could be better than a RiRi Hearts MAC collab? Earlier this year Rihanna announced that she was teaming up with MAC this year to create several limited edition collections. The first collection was a release of her signature embossed Ruby Woo inspired lipstick called RiRi Woo and now it’s time to get ready for the second helping of RiRi!

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Rihanna’s summer collection was set to release yesterday at noon but was delayed (not exactly sure why) until June 18th. From what I’ve gathered from the ladies over at Specktra it seems that this collection will also feature a virtual waiting room like the RiRi Woo release. I’m not too pleased about it because that’s what kept me from getting RiRi Woo in the first place! I was in there for over 30 mins before I just gave up. I hope to have better luck this time!

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RiRi Hearts MAC summer collection will include three retro matte formula lipsticks including the popular RiRi Woo. RiRi Boy (pinky lavender) and Heaux (deep plum) are two new shades introduced to the collection that we may not see in Rihanna’s upcoming collections like RiRi Woo so I’ll be scooping 2 for sure! The summer collection also includes Hibiscus Kiss which is a bronzer and blush duo that’s supposed to be suited for darker gals. I hope it works well with my skin tone! MAC has a really bad habit of releasing face powders in collections that aren’t suitable for women of color. Hopefully, with Rihanna as the focus things will be a bit better! There’s also a limited edition lustre drops, Barbados Girl, which is a light golden bronze illuminator that can be used alone as a highlighter or mixed in with your foundation for an overall glow. This is the first time I’ve wanted EVERYTHING in a collection! I can’t wait for the release!


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