Sedona Lace Vortex Professional Brush Set Review

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The right brush can truly transform the way you do makeup! That’s why it’s so important to find the right tools. The journey to finding the perfect brush set can be a little rough sometimes but Sedona Lace makes things a little simpler with the Vortex Professional Makeup Brush Set. It’s a pretty impressive set!

The brushes in the Vortex Set are simply amazing! I always find myself reaching for them because the quality is superb! They’re very soft, dense and don’t shed much at all. Not to mention pretty sturdy! Each brush has held up through countless deep cleansings with no loose ferules or excessive shedding. I wanted to review each brush individually because they’re all special in their own way so check out my detailed reviews below!


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Jumbo Fan FB 01 – If you love fan brushes then you’ll love this one! It’s super big, fluffy and dense. Perfect for blush, bronzing and highlighting. The size may be a little intimidating but it fits into pans easily and allows for a pretty precise application. The bristles are made of top quality goat hair so it’s excellent for picking up more pigment. I haven’t experienced much fallout at all with this brush but some of the hairs are starting to splay a bit on the ends. Nothing a brush guard can’t help!

Flat Top Buffer FB 07 – I don’t reach for this brush too often because I’m not much of a foundation person but I’m finding new ways to toss it into my routine. It’s very versatile! Lately, I’ve been using the Flat Top Buffer for powder foundations and it works fantastic! Because the bristles are synthetic I can use this with any type of foundation and it still works flawlessly. The brush head is small but a little wide so it’s suitable for all face sizes and getting into those hard to reach areas. The Flat Top Buffer is soft to the touch and pretty dense with virtually no shedding. I don’t think its lost a hair yet! It’s not as soft as my Elf Powder Brush but it’s still a pretty great brush!

Tulip Contour FB 03 – Definitely one of my favorites of the bunch! This is yet another excellent cheek brush! This brush was the reason I picked this set over the others and it didn’t disappoint. Like the Jumbo Fan Brush, the size can be a little intimidating but the tapered end really makes this an easy brush to love. It places blush, bronzer and highlighter exactly where you want it and blends it out beautifully. Even after tons of washes the Tulip Contour still hasn’t lost its shape! It’s made of top quality goat hair and is extremely soft and dense but still pretty fluffy. I need backups!

Dome Contour FB 05 – Another favorite of mine! It’s something about cheek brushes that I just love! The Dome Contour is made of high grade goat hair as well and is sooo dense and very soft. It picks up pigments extremely well so I have to use a light touch when working with my more pigmented cheek products. It is my go to brush for contouring because the small head fits perfectly into the hollows of my cheeks. It’s even great for blush and highlighting! I’ll definitely be ordering backups of the Dome Contour as well because it’s one of the best brushes I’ve ever used!


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Pointed Crease EB 13 – I just love this brush! It’s the best crease brush I’ve ever used! It’s extremely soft and not at all scratchy like most crease brushes. It has a tapered end very similar to the Tulip Contour but sharper for even more precise placement. It applies shadows exactly where you want them and blends easily without too much spreading. A must have for eyeshadow lovers!

Synthetic Blender EB 13 – I have been a huge fan of this brush for quite some time now! I’ve reviewed the Synthetic Blender before (check it out!) but I don’t mind giving you guys a quick recap! As the name suggests the bristles are synthetic but they feel natural. They’re so super soft and not scratchy at all. What I love about this brush is that it’s great for blending EVERYTHING! It tackles creams, liquids and powders with no problem. I’m sure it was made for eyeshadow but I love using it for concealer mostly. It gives the most flawless airbrush finish!

Universal Blender EB 09 – I don’t see how I’ve been living without this brush because it’s so versatile! It’s great for blending shadows and even better for packing them on. It’s like a crease and lid brush all in one! The bristles are made of top quality goat hair so they’re crazy soft and feel like butter against my skin. It picks up pigments very well but still manages to wash clean after every wash. It’s amazing!

Bent Liner EB 19 – I adore gel liners so I’m always using this brush! I’ve tried a couple of bent eyeliner brushes but none matches the quality of Sedona Lace! This is the densest eyeliner brush ever! Even more dense than MAC! It does have a very fine tapered end that allows for smaller lines but I think this brush is definitely better suited for ladies who like a thicker line. The brush retains its tapered shape after washes but not so much when it’s dirty. Constant cleaning is required but the functionality really makes up for the maintenance! Because it’s suited for gel/cream liners the bristles are synthetic but they’re still soft without feeling flimsy.

Detailed Shader EB 21 – The Detailed Shader Brush is small but it definitely packs a punch! I always reach for this brush when I want my lid color to really pop! It’s made of very soft pony hair that’s tightly packed and a tiny bit stiff. It works very well though because it picks up pigments and packs them on like no other!

Flat Synthetic EB 11 – Yet another brush I reach for often! The Flat Synthetic is an excellent face and eye brush! I like to use it sometimes for applying my eyeshadow primers and bases but I prefer to use it for concealer since it’s so dense. I use it for my brows, under my eyes and even to contour when I’m working with creams. It’s the most dense concealer style brush I’ve tried yet and I really like it! The bristles feel so high quality!

Capped Lip Brush LB 25 – I don’t use this brush too often but it’s a pretty good lip brush! I like the fact that it has a cap so I can easily toss it in a bag for travel. But I’m not a fan of applying lippies with a brush. I only use this brush for my clients.

Angled Detail EB 23 – The Angled Detail brush is always finding its way into my routine! It has so many great uses! The bristles are synthetic so it’s perfect for creams, liquids and powders. I started off using it for gel liners but I mostly use it for my brows now. The shape is perfect for filling in those sparse areas!

Brow Spoolie Duo EB 17 – I applaud Sedona Lace for throwing in a brow spoolie because it’s one of the most important brushes in my routine. Brows are everything! However, Sedona Lace really dropped the ball by making the angled brush end way too dense. It’s crazy thick and bulky. Far too big for my brows! Plus the bristles don’t feel that soft. They’re hard and scratchy. I wish the brush end would have been better!

Overall, Sedona Lace knocked this one out of the park! I was able to snag the Vortex set for half off during their Black Friday sale but even at it’s regular price ($80) it’s still pretty darn affordable considering the excellent quality! I can’t think of one bad thing to say about this set because it’s just that good. If you’re not comfortable shelling out $80+ for a brush set just wait for a sale. Lately, they’ve been having a few nice sales and there’s always the Black Friday blowout! Whether you’re a beginner, junkie or freelance makeup lover you’ll love the Vortex set!