Sonia Kashuk 5 Piece Brush Couture Set Review

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Don’t you just love a good Target find? I ran across this brush set a while ago and I’ve been in love with it ever since! I was already a fan of Sonia Kashuk brushes so I didn’t even hesitate to snatch this up. Where else can you find 5 beautifully made nice quality brushes for just $15? No where!

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The set features 5 essential brushes that any girl could toss into her everyday beauty routine. Each brush is full sized and features a blue, turquoise and white bubble design on the handles which are trimmed in silver. The brushes are all made of cruelty free natural goat hair with the exception of the foundation brush which is synthetic. None of the brushes shed much at all and they’re all pretty dense. Check out the individual reviews!

Powder Brush – At first I thought this brush would be better suited for an all over brush because of how large and fluffy it is but I actually like to contour with it too! The brush head appears very round but its tapered ever so slightly that I can buff my contour exactly where I want it and blend it out without it looking muddy. It’s very soft and has held up very well during washes. I do however have a small issue some splaying.

Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush – I have such a love/hate relationship with this brush! I love using it because it’s an excellent blending brush but it’s a bit scratchy. It’s not extremely scratchy to the point it irritates my skin but it’s definitely not the softest brush on the market. Very surprising for a natural hair brush! It does perform very well at blending out shadows in the crease so that kind of makes up for the scratchiness.

Flat Shader Brush – I don’t wear eyeshadow too often these days but when I do always reach for this brush! It’s one of the best lid brushes I’ve ever used. It’s very dense, soft and picks up pigment extremely well. I love using it to pack shadows on my lid for a more intense look. There’s not a bad thing I can say about this brush!

Angled Contour Crease Brush – You guys know I’m a huge fan of this type of brush! It’s the best kind of crease brush in my opinion. The shape and density allow for great placement and blending. It’s very, very soft. Not at all scratchy like the Fluffy Eyeshadow brush!

Synthetic Concealer/Foundation Brush – This is definitely my favorite brush in the set! I love using to apply my concealer as it gives a flawless finish! It feels good on the skin and is pretty dense. I don’t think this brush has lost a bristle yet. It’s amazing!

Overall, this is an amazing set that I would totally recommend to makeup beginners, professionals and enthusiasts alike! The quality and price are unbeatable and they’re soooo cute!

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  1. great find! I didnt see those at my local target. 🙁 makes me a sad panda

    1. fancie

      I think Target still has them online. If not, if I see a set I could grab it for you 🙂

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