MAC 159 Duo Fibre Brush Review



I have a serious addiction when it comes to collecting brushes! The moment I began using them to apply my makeup I felt the difference. The right brush can truly make you look flawless! I just recently began collecting MAC brushes but they’re excellent quality and aren’t too expensive compared to higher end brands. It’s no surprise they dominate the makeup brush market! Last month, MAC released this limited edition duo fibre beauty in the Tropical Taboo summer collection and I just had to have it. I knew it would be an amazing cheek brush!



Meet the 159 Duo Fibre brush! As the name suggests this brush features both natural and synthetic bristles so it’s ideal for all textures. I mostly use it for powder but I find that it works very well with creams too. The brush head is round and small but not too small. It fits perfectly on the apples of my cheeks and allows for precise application and blending. The 159 doesn’t pick up a lot of product so it’s ideal for those heavily pigmented blushes or shimmery highlighters and bronzers. I even like to use it with my not so pigmented blushes and highlighters because it helps me build up intensity without overdoing it.



It’s a little difficult describing the brush head of the 159 because it’s both flat and fluffy. LOL weird I know! The bristles closer to the base are fluffier and flare out a bit. Going upwards, the bristles thin taper out a bit leaving the appearance of a flattened tip when it’s face on. I really like the shape though because it helps pick up just the right amount and deposits color exactly where I want it to go. Sometimes with fluffier cheek brushes the product can migrate all over the brush head and deposit product everywhere. The 159 is extremely precise! It has become my go to brush for blushes and highlighters. I’ve yet to use it for contouring but I can see it working well.





The 159 is a pretty dense brush considering how small it is. It’s not the fullest but it doesn’t feel flimsy at all. The bristles feel incredible soft and don’t shed much. I have had a hair or two fall out during use but I experience the most shedding during wash time (1-3 hairs). I don’t consider shedding to be a big problem with the 159 but I can’t lie. My Elf brushes literally don’t shed at ALL so this is a little more than I’m used to. Once again, nothing major but I had to note that! For the price ($35) you’re definitely getting a great brush. The quality of MAC brushes is really nice and the bristles feel buttery soft. Sure there are similar duo fiber brushes on the market (much cheaper ones too) but the 159 was an excellent buy for me. I’m actually considering ordering a backup since it’s limited edition! Luckily, it’s still available online at MAC and probably in stores. Happy hauling!


2 Thoughts to “MAC 159 Duo Fibre Brush Review”

  1. Ela_Ro

    The MAC 159 brush is larger then ELF STUDIO blush?Can be a dupe ?THANK YOU FOR ANSWER!

    1. fancie

      It’s around the same size but fluffier and more dense. The 159 also has a mix of natural bristles while the Elf Blush Brush is all synthetic

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