MAC Exotic Ember Mineralize Blush Review


If you love shimmer and bronzed cheeks then you’ll love this blush! When I first peeked at MAC’s Tropical Taboo Mineralize summer collection I wasn’t too impressed. It wasn’t until I tried on Exotic Ember that my entire world changed. A hallelujah chorus sang in the background as I swept the beautiful swirled blush across my cheeks. It’s the highlighter I’ve been looking for my whole life!


Exotic Ember came off a little meh at first because I have a ton of orange and coral blushes but what makes this beauty so unique (and perfect!) is the deep bronze swirl. It adds such depth and a bit of bronzed goodness. Both shades in Exotic Ember can be used alone or swirled together for exotic glowy cheeks. The texture is finely milled and feels very soft but it is very powdery. Even the slightest touch of a brush kicks up a ton of product which can be a bit wasteful and a tad messy. Exotic Ember applies mostly evenly but the bronze part takes a bit more work to blend as it can come off a bit patchy. The finish is definitely sparkly but not all out glittery or metallic. You can easily tone it down by using a light hand and/or a duo fiber brush.

Ladies on the lighter end of the spectrum may have some issues with Exotic Ember coming off muddy or too orange but women of color will find this quite the treat. Although it is a blush, Exotic Ember wears perfectly as a bronzer/highlighter for women of color! The orange shades blends into my skintone perfectly creating a warm glow while the deep bronze adds color and depth.


Exotic Ember swatched individually and then together (not blended)



Exotic Ember swatched individually and then together (blended)


Although Exotic Ember is certainly a bit pricey for a blush ($25) it’s well worth it for how beautiful it is! It’s the perfect summer blush and makes an excellent highlighter for us brown gals. Exotic Ember is limited edition so won’t be available for long. You can still order yours from Nordstrom if you hurry!


2 Thoughts to “MAC Exotic Ember Mineralize Blush Review”

  1. Karen

    I am sooooo glad you mentioned this works well on women of colour.. I have Medium Dark skin. I had been reading reviews online about this colour being muddy; but now that makes sense. Thanks a lot for the wonderful review. I’m buying it!

    1. fancie

      No problem! I hope you like it as much as I do. It’s really pretty!!

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