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Chanel is more than just fashion and makeup. Their skincare line rocks too! Chanel’s recent Resynchronizing Skincare line (featuring Le Jour, La Nuit and Le Weekend) captured quite a few hearts and has inspired the brand to take a new approach to skincare. Because every woman ages differently Chanel has created a new line catering to the needs of every woman. Meet Le Lift! Customized to fit each woman’s unique needs the “smart cream” formula features three individualized textured creams that firm and fight wrinkles for any skin type.

Le Lift utilizes “youth proteins” that have been proven to affect the skin’s aging process by influencing the tone, suppleness and resilience of skin. Chanel researchers have discovered a potent extract from the Edulis plant that boosts the production of these key proteins and made it the key ingredient of Le Lift. The result is a complete firming and anti-wrinkle system that moisturizes and restores the appearance of youth in a single step.

As I mentioned earlier, Le Lift comes in three different textures. Here’s a rundown of everything:

Creme Fine An airy, oil free formula (the lightest of the there) that instantly blends into the skin.

Creme A soft, creamy texture that feels lightweight and comfortable.

Creme Riche A rich, nourishing cream that envelopes skin in velvety smooth softness.

I believe the Creme Fine is for oily skin, Creme is for normal/combination and Creme Riche is for dry skin. I love the idea of a one step skincare approach and I think it’s pretty neat how Chanel offers a tailored approach to each skin type. The $165 price tag is a little hefty but the benefits seem pretty amazing! What do you think?

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  1. You can never go wrong with Chanel.

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