MAC Definedly Black Pro Longwear Eyeliner Review

Remember those amazing budge proof eyeliners from the Pro Longwear collection? Well I hauled them. Yes ALL of them! I don’t usually get this excited over eyeliners but I was totally blown away by the Pro Longwear eyeliners when I swatched them. They’re intensely pigmented, creamy and smudge proof. I washed my hands TWICE after swatching them and not one color budged. Amazing!

The first color I got my hands on was Definedly Black. It’s a super deep, rich black pencil that’s very intense with just one swipe. The pencil itself feels a bit dry but Definedly Black glides on smoothly and feels pretty creamy. It works well for all occasions including tightlining, winged looks and lining the water line.

The Pro Longwear liners are a bit pricey ($19.50) but totally worth it! I have crazy watery eyes so it’s hard to find a liner that doesn’t smudge during the day. I get all day wear with no fading or smudging and it doesn’t irritate my eyes. Definedly Black comes off pretty easily with oil/gel makeup removers but not so well with just a cleanser. It’s definitely better to use an eye makeup remover first as this formula holds up to it’s long wear claim. If you’re looking for a super black budge proof eyeliner you definitely want to check this out!

Available at MAC, Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc.