Chanel Lait Confort Creamy Cleansing Milk Review

I’ve been dying to try Chanel skincare products for so long and I finally got my hands on some! Let me tell you. It’s everything I thought it would be. I love it!

The Lait Confort Creamy Cleansing Milk comes in a luxurious long white bottle with a black plastic cap bearing the iconic interlocking C’s. The cap pops off revealing a nice sized black plastic pump. The packaging is a bit bulky but I adore it. It looks so fancy in my bathroom!

Lait Confort is designed for sensitive and dry skin formulated with Tulip Tree extract and Arum Lily extract. The Tulip Tree de-pollutes the skin while the Arum Lily hydrates.

The cleanser disperses like a cream but turns into a milk once paired with water. It has a slightly heavy powdery scent. It’s not overbearing but it’s the most fragranced cleanser I’ve ever tried. I was a little worried the fragrance would irritate my sensitive skin but I’ve been using it for a few weeks and haven’t had any issues. My skin has actually been glowing and looking flawless! I’ve used Lait Confort with a washcloth and my Clarisonic and I loved it each time. It’s very gentle (even around the eyes) and makes my skin feel clean, soft and supple. While it’s a bit pricey ($45) it’s worth every penny!

The Chanel Lait Confort Creamy Cleansing Milk is available at Chanel, Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc.