MAC Diamonds Cream Color Base Review

Don’t you just love when you splurge on a whim and love your shiny new purchase? I initially had no plans of hauling Diamonds from the RiRi Hearts MAC fall collection but the packaging sucked me right in. I have enough highlighters to illuminate a football field but I don’t still don’t regret picking this one up. Diamonds is so unique! Take a look!

In the pan it looks like an ordinary soft white gold cream highlight but it has a glow like no other! Your cheekbones literally shine bright like a diamond! There are flecks of gold multidimensional glitter that makes Diamonds’ sparkle so unique. It doesn’t emphasize pores at all on me but it is pretty glittery. Not disco ball shiny. But you definitely need a light hand when applying. Especially if you’re a woman of color. Diamonds can get pretty frosty if you over apply.

I applied way too much the first time I used it and it looked terribly frosty. Almost ashy. I tried lightly tapping my ring finger into the pan and dabbing it on and I fell head over heels for it! You can make Diamonds as subtle or in your face as you’d like. It’s pretty easy to work with once you get the hang of things.

Swatched heavily on top, lightly patted on bottom

What makes Diamonds so unique for me is the slight rainbow effect of the glitter. The base is a soft wash of gold but the sheen has more of an iridescent appearance. Like a diamond! It’s truly beautiful! MAC claims Diamonds can be used as an eyeshadow base but I find it a bit too emollient to really hold powder. I prefer it to use it as a highlight. It’s pretty easy to apply, looks beautiful and wears around 8 hours on me without foundation or primer. Definitely one of my faves from the collection!

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  1. Joanna

    It is so pretty!

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