MAC Talk That Talk Lipstick Review

I’ve really been enjoying my RiRi Hearts MAC fall goodies lately! The Talk That Talk lipstick was the most exciting piece from this collection for me because I’ve always adored Rihanna’s signature dark lips. It’s the perfect fall lippie and the pretty pink packaging makes me feel all warm and girly inside. Take a look!

Talk That Talk is a beautiful deep plummy wine that looks similar to MAC’s Fixed On Drama lipstick but it’s less brown and pulls more purple than red. While I absolutely love the color, the application leaves much to be desired. It’s so patchy! A lip liner is definitely needed to get smooth opaque coverage. I tried it on alone and it clung to every dry spot and was extremely patchy towards the center of my lips. No matter how much I layered it on it was still patchy. It’s disappointing the application is so tricky because I prefer no fuss lipsticks. Plus the other retro matte lipsticks perform sooo much better! Fixed On Drama is just as deep and the formula is just fine. Not sure what happened here.

Talk That Talk isn’t all bad though! Once prepped with a moisturizing balm and lip liner it wears beautifully. It really is an excellent shade for fall! It’s not too deep and it looks wonderful on light and darker complexions. I get a good 6+ hours of wear and some staining afterwards. I do wish Talk That Talk wasn’t so darn difficult to track down because every girl needs it! MAC does have some close dupes in the permanent line (Rebel and Media) so I’d definitely recommend checking those out if you missed out on Talk That Talk. They won’t wear as long as Talk That Talk because they’re not retro mattes but I imagine they’re a lot easier to apply.

4 Thoughts to “MAC Talk That Talk Lipstick Review”

  1. Joanna

    You wear talk that talk well! It was indeed hard to get hands on a tube. I tried but got no luck at all but, like you suggest I will try Rebel for a close dupe. Thanks!

    1. fancie

      Why thank you! I actually love the way Rebel looks on me. I’m still considering picking it up soon lol

  2. Bridget

    R u selling talk that talk if so how much ? And what else do u have from the riri hearts mac C.

    1. fancie

      I don’t currently have an extra Talk That Talk lipstick but I may get one soon. I do have some other items available though. Send me an email! [email protected]

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