Finally! I've Hit Pan!

I know some of you are confused wondering, “What the heck is hitting pan?” So let me clear that up! Whenever you finish a product it’s called hitting pan (or jar, tube, etc) in the blogging world. Once I started building a large stash I notice hitting pan would take more work. I’m always buying shiny, new products so I often forget about my old favorites. But I’ve actually been using up some of my stash!

Elf Mist & Set This is an old favorite of mine that I finished a while ago. It didn’t take too long because I loved using it! It’s so refreshing and really makes my makeup look flawless. Mist & Set is lightweight, absorbs really quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky or tight film. Very impressive for just $3! My only complaint is that it doesn’t come in a bigger size. You can order Mist & Set here.

Sleek Contour Kit I really wish Sleek would sell the contour powder alone because it is amazing!! I’ve reviewed the Sleek Contour Kit before but I’m going to do another review because it’s really that good. It’s so hard finding a contour powder when you’re a WOC. But Sleek makes highlighting and contouring really simple with their super pigmented kit. The highlighter is a gorgeous bronzy gold that compliments my skin tone very well. The contour powder is a deep cool brown that defines my cheekbones like no other! It took a lot of everyday use before I started to see the pan peeking through. Now there’s a gaping hole! I’m not sure whether to be happy or worried lol. Definitely check out Sleek if you’ve been searching for the perfect contour powder!

Mirabella Prime Face & Eye Primer I received this in one of my Ipsy Glam Bags and couldn’t stop using it! It really smooths the skin and leave it glowing and flawless before applying makeup. Mirabella Prime has an oil free gel like consistency that’s lightweight and easily absorbed. The formula has a ton of slip so a little goes a long way and the tube lasts pretty long. I’m more on the normal/dry side so I’m not sure how Mirabella Prime would work on oily skin. But if you’re a fan if silicone based primers then I totally recommend checking out Mirabella Beauty!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer #30 I have a ton of concealers now but I always knew I’d finish my trusty Maybelline Fit Me! It was the first concealer I ever fell in love with and I still use it from time to time. Fit Me is super cheap but it’s really good quality for the price. The formula doesn’t feel heavy or look cakey. It blends beautifully and has light buildable coverage. Fit Me is nowhere near a full coverage concealer but it’s perfect for me as I don’t need much coverage anyway. It’s perfect for everyday!

Dior Lip Glow Balm This stuff is pricey but it makes my lips feel so soft and it’s very moisturizing! Dior Lip Glow is thick, creamy balm that naturally brightens your pout to a personalized shade of pink and leaves a nice sheen behind. I adored wearing Lip Glow so much I purchased another tube! If you’re into thick, shiny balms head over to Nordstrom and check it out!

MAC Spiked Eyebrow Pencil I’ve actually finished a few of these pencils because it’s easily one of the best formulas I’ve tried yet. It’s not super creamy or crazy stiff like most brow pencils tend to be. Spiked has the perfect balance that allows it to glide on precisely with ease. It has been a staple in my everyday routine for months now. I just recently switched to Stud but once the weather warms back up I’ll be reunited with my love! Grab yours from any MAC location!

Sleek Contour Powder Damage

What have you hit pan on ladies?? Drop a comment!