MAC Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Set Review

The Stroke of Midnight holiday sets were so pretty this year! But only the Mineralize Brush Kit made its way home with me. Take a look!

The Mineralize Brush kit comes with a cute slim case with a black, white and gold design. I don’t like it as much as last year’s holiday packaging but it’s still pretty cute! It looks really small and flat but it fits all four brushes comfortably and features an inside pocket to gloss or lipstick in.

I was the most excited about the 159se and 286se but the quality was much different than my full sized brushes. Both brushes felt more scratchy and stiff. I also noticed that the 286se doesn’t blend nearly as well as the 286. The 286 is more dense (and much softer) so blends colors more seamlessly.

I don’t own the 187 or 287 so I can’t compare the quality. However, these are my favorite brushes in the set. They’re very, very soft. Not at all scratchy like the 159se and 286se. The 287se worked very well as an all over lid brush for me. It’s fluffy and picks up shadows pretty well. The 187se works well for applying powder foundation, highlight or blush. I haven’t tried it with liquid foundation but I assume it should work in a pinch. The bristles are a bit flimsy. I’ve washed this set a few times and experienced no shedding. I haven’t noticed any shedding during use either.

Overall, the Mineralize Brush Set is a pretty nice deal for the price ($49.50). The bag is cute yet functional and the brushes work well. A couple of the brushes are scratchy but not terribly so. None of the brushes shed much and they feel nicely made. If you own the full sized versions of the brushes in this set it may be a bit disappointing. But if you’re new to brushes or just looking to grab a travel set I think you’d be really pleased!

The Stroke of Midnight Mineralize Brush Set is sold out online at MAC but it is still available at Nordstrom. You can also check your local counters and stores to see if it’s still available.