Manicure Monday!

It’s back! I loved my Marc Jacobs Lux polish so much when I wore it during my vacation to Atlanta I just knew I’d be sporting it again soon. Lux is just a beautiful color! I love the green undertones Marc Jacobs included in this shade because it makes Lux unique and wearable year round. It’s definitely bright but it still doesn’t scream summer like most yellow polish.

Now you know I can’t resist a glitter accent nail. I just can’t! Rather than using a glitter polish this time around I opted for loose glitter. I recently hauled the MAC Green And Teal Pigment Set (AMAZING!) and decided to use the 3D Gold glitter to glam up my mani. It was soo easy too! Just apply a clear coat of polish, sprinkle on the glitter and top with another coat of clear polish. Done! I LOVE the finished result!! I’m actually thinking about backing up my jar of 3D Gold because it’s so versatile and beautiful! What’s on your nails this weeks ladies?