NARS Soulshine Blush Review

I’m so glad all of the MAC limited edition madness has slowed down a bit! I’ve been neglecting my fabulous NARS goodies but I’m so happy to play with them again! My latest fave is the limited edition Soulshine blush palette from the fall collection. Take a peek!

Soulshine contains 3 blushes and a shimmering overspray housed in the standard rubbery black NARS packaging. It’s definitely larger than the regular blushes but it isn’t too big or bulky. The size is actually perfect as I’m able to use each shade individually even with my fluffy cheek brushes. I do love to swirl them all together though. The result is so beautiful!

Soulshine features a peachy pink with gold shimmer, sheer golden apricot and soft rose tone blushes with a shimmering gold NARS overspray. The gold shimmer wears away pretty quickly but the NARS logo goes all the way through the blush. However, Soulshine still has a nice gold sheen without the overspray.

The peachy pink actually reminds me a lot of Orgasm. It’s sheer but the small gold flecks shine through beautifully. The golden apricot color has a bit of shimmer as well but it’s a bit more pigmented than the peachy pink shade. The soft rose shade is my absolute favorite! It’s very pigmented and it has small golden flecks. All three blushes are silky and super easy to blend. The texture is really soft without being too powdery. The formula lasts me over 8 hours (with just primer underneath) and still looks great even as it starts fading.

Peachy Pink, Golden Apricot, Soft Rose and Soulshine swirled together

Soulshine applied swirled after 6+ hours of wear (bare skin)

Luckily, NARS limited edition goodies stick around MUCH longer than MAC so Soulshine is still available online and in stores at Sephora. Happy hauling!

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