Best of 2013: Highlight

This was definitely the year of highlight for me! I’ve always had an obsession with glowy skin but I found myself really indulging in highlighters this year. It was hard to narrow down my list!

MAC Shape The Future is probably my most used highlighter (as you can see above). I usually go for gold tone highlights so Shape The Future is definitely the most unique in my stash. It’s a beautiful warm metallic rose. When applied Shape The Future gives my cheeks a lovely rosy glow. It’s so beautiful!

MAC Barbados Girl is a gorgeous multidimensional shimmer packed liquid rose gold highlighter. A little goes such a long way to deliver shimmering rose gold cheeks all day and night! Barbados Girl is very easy to apply and can be used in multiple ways to really brighten and glow. The rose gold really does come through depending on how much you apply so most days I skipped the blush!

NARS Puerto Vallarta Multiple is my go to for a quick, subtle glow! It’s a soft peachy gold with fine shimmer that gives a natural looking glow. The Multiple sticks make highlighting super easy! I just swipe Puerto Vallarta over my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose, blend with my fingers and go! Quick and simple!

MAC Diamonds Cream Color Base is another extremely unique highlighter in my stash. It’s a soft white gold with iridescent shimmer that literally makes your skin look like diamonds wherever it’s applied. So beautiful! I mostly used Diamonds on my cheekbones but I also liked using it on the bridge of my nose and cupid’s now. It’s very shimmery but absolutely gorgeous when applied lightly!

Magnetic Appeal is another gem to come out of Magnetic Nude! It’s a soft metallic bronzy gold that’s different from the Extra Dimension Skinfinish powders I’ve tried in the past. Magnetic Appeal just melts into my skin and looks like a natural lit from within glow. It’s my absolute favorite highlight right now!

NARS Puerto Vallarta, MAC Barbados Girl, MAC Diamonds, MAC Shape The Future and MAC Magnetic Appeal

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