MAC Magnetic Nude Collection

Ready for some Extra Dimension goodness? I sure am! The Extra Dimension Skinfinish powders are one of my all time favorite highlighters because they’re so pretty in the pan and on the cheeks. This holiday season MAC is bringing the all that glowy goodness back with new blushes, Skinfinish powders and eyeshadows.

Lately, MAC’s color collections have been focused on bold colors and hot new trends but Magnetic Nude is centered on soft, sensual nudes and everyday looks. There’s soft hues of peach, pink, gold and more to achieve a natural look this holiday. The collection is set to release in stores on December 26th.


    • Close Contact
      creamy peach (amplified)
    • Carnal Instinct
      deep brick red with gold pearlized pigments (frost)
    • Morning Rose
      soft cool rose (cremesheen)
    • Sensual Sparks
      mid-tone cool caramel (amplified,


      • A Quiet Roar
        creamy off white
      • Steel Kiss
        mid-tone mauve with green pearlized oddments
      • Hell Bound
        brick red with gold pearlized pigments
      • Oh My Darling
        pale yellow pink
      • Overspiced
        mid-tone muted coral

      Extra Dimension Skinfinish

        • Superb
          soft peachy nude with multi-dimensional shimmer
        • Magnetic Appeal
          medium tan with fine gold sheen
        • Fairly Precious
          peach with multi-dimensional sheen

        Extra Dimension Blush

          • At Dusk
            mid-tone cool pink
          • Autoerotique
            mid-tone coral rose
          • Pleasure Model
            soft terracotta with pearlized pigments

          Extra Dimension Eyeshadow

            • A Natural Flirt
              iridescent light pink
            • Sweet Heat
              soft peach pink
            • Silver Dawn
              mid-tone grey mauve
            • Platinum Love
              bright silver
            • Amourous Alloy
              deep terracotta copper


              • It’s Physical
                brown with purple pearlized pigments
              • Chilled
                frosted white gold
              • Our Secret
                metallic brown with red pearlized pigments


                • Opulash
                  Bad, Bad Black


                  • 128 Split Fibre Cheek
                  • 235 Split Fibre All Over Eye

                  2 Thoughts to “MAC Magnetic Nude Collection”

                  1. this collection is so pretty, but will they be available? MAC killed me on the Rihanna collections where, unfortunately I came up empty-handed on the products I really wanted.

                    1. fancie

                      The Rihanna collections were ridiculous and MAC knew that! The waiting rooms on top of already limited quantities? Releasing stuff in the middle of the night? Too much. I think this collection will have more stock and last longer than Rihanna. But it is Extra Dimension so it probably won’t last too long lol

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