MAC Magnetic Nude Haul

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to order my Magnetic Nude goodies online? Well, I caved almost immediately after my post! Out of excitement for this beautiful collection it totally slipped my mind that the malls were going to be bananas. No thank you! Lucky for me, I was able to receive my goodies the day after release. I’m so happy because everything is just beautiful!

I ordered Superb Skinfinish, Magnetic Appeal Skinfinish, Pleasure Model blush and Autoerotique blush. Unfortunately, Autoerotique didn’t make it into my box so I won’t receive it until next week. Boo! But I do love what I have so far.

I had serious skipper’s remorse after passing on Superb last year when it released in the Glamour Daze collection! I feel so at ease finally getting my hands on it because it’s beautiful. Superb is described as a soft peachy nude but it’s more of rosy bronze shade with tons of shimmer. A little will go a very long way.

Magnetic Appeal was a no brainer! Golden bronze? Sign me up! Magnetic Appeal is a striking golden bronze highlight that just melts into the skin. It isn’t nearly as shimmery and metallic as Superb. Perfect for effortless everyday looks! Especially for WOC! I can see Magnetic Appeal quickly becoming my go to highlight.

I was the most excited about the blushes because I’ve never tried the Extra Dimension blushes before. But if Autoerotique is anything like Pleasure Model I’ll be on cloud 9 forever! I actually tried on Pleasure Model the moment I opened the box and it just melted into my face. The color is very natural on me but the finish is even more natural. It literally looks like a warm flush. I adore it!

Superb, Magnetic Appeal, Pleasure Model

I highly recommend checking out Magnetic Nude! This collection is insanely gorgeous!