RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Haul

I cannot be happier that this is the last Rihanna collection this year! I enjoyed all of my RiRi goodies but the drama that came along with them? MAC could keep that. All of it! On the other hand, I really am excited that I finally got my hands on Pleasurebomb and Bad Girl RiRi!

The holiday packaging features a shiny white and rose gold design that’s pretty but not as nice as the fall packaging. The two toned design is what’s throwing things off but I still like it. I’ve already shared RiRi Woo with you guys so I’ll get to the good stuff! Bad Girl RiRi is truly a taupy nude. I’ve seen it pull pink on some ladies but it’s definitely a warm taupe on my skin tone. It reminds me of Hot Chocolate a bit but less pink. Pleasurebomb is a bright neon fuchsia. It’s darker than Candy Yum Yum. It reminds me of Pink Pigeon a bit but I think it’s cooler and brighter. Both lipsticks are dupable honestly but they’re still pretty and wearable. And rose gold!

Bad Girl RiRi, RiRi Woo and Pleasurebomb

6 Thoughts to “RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Haul”

  1. Aubriel Todd

    Ugh I love you!! Appreciate the swatches. I’d love to see them on your lips tho. I have woo & pleasure bomb but I have yet to use them. So damn pretty I’m scared to lol. Wish i had the nude tho! ;/

    1. Darn it i’m so pissed! lol…had them both in my cart in MAC website….by the time i was done w/ paypal both were sold out by 12:10 -_- Tried to catch it on the sites…but of course they released earlier and I was unaware….And stores were sold out Nordstom’s opens at 10…called 10:07, they only had Riri Woo -_- ugh. I wish i could get an alert immediately for restocks, I want those lippies! lol

      1. fancie

        I’m soo sorry!! The SAME thing happened to me with the waiting room. I made it in around 12:15 and only RiRi Woo was left. I was able to catch the Nordstrom online release but ONLY because I literally stalked the site for hours waiting for it to come up which didn’t happen until around 6am. This collection was a mess and a nightmare and I’m soo glad it’s over!! There will definitely be restocks on MAC but you’ll have to keep your eye out for them because they go pretty quickly!

    2. fancie

      Lol I love you too darling! I’m working on lip swatches. I know they’re soo useful!

  2. I’m so pissed I missed Pleasure bomb. Plus I was hoping to get a Riri Woo backup.
    I live in the Caribbean and we don’t have MAC stores, I have to rely on relatives who don’t understand the frenzy around MAC launches…
    It’s all a nightmare.

    But I heard Fuschia Irresistible by Givenchy is a good dupe so I guess I’lll see that.

    1. fancie

      So sorry! I’m pretty sure there will be a restock on Mac. They do it for every collection including her fall one. Just keep an eye out on the website!

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