Sedona Lace Black Friday Haul

I have to start off this post giving a major thank you to Sedona Lace for being so awesome! Not only did I score half off this haul and $5 off but I received it very quickly! I placed my order on the 28th and received it on the 5th. Plus, the brush belt I was told was backordered was in the box with my order! I’m still excited!

Along with the brush belt I also ordered another set of brushes. You can never have too many brushes! Last year, I hauled the Vortex Professional Brush Set and was incredibly impressed with the quality so picking up the travel version was a no brainer. I placed my order immediately after the sale went live so I was sent a free liquid eyeliner pen too!

I’m actually very excited for the brush belt because I freelance and it’s such a hassle not having your brushes organized. I’ve been relying on brush rolls but a belt is so much better! Especially when it has a zipper! The Sedona Lace Makeup Artist Brush Belt features a nifty zipper so your brushes can travel safely without falling all over the place. And it has a TON of pockets so I can store literally any brush I want. I can’t wait to break this baby in!

The travel Vortex Professional Brush Set is very impressive! Sedona Lace just recently introduced a series of travel brush sets and people on Facebook were a bit taken aback by the price. However, these aren’t like your typical MAC brush sets! The handles are smaller but the quality and size of the brush heads are exactly the same. You are getting the exact same quality in the travel sets as the full sized versions! I actually went through and compared my travel Vortex set to my full sized version and the brushes felt the same and were the same size. I’m glad Sedona Lace didn’t cut any corners with the quality because I can use this set personally and dedicate my old set to my kit.

And here’s my freebie! I was one of the first 4,000 orders so I received a free Liquid Eye Pen. It’s so intense and it dries in literally no time. I tried smudging it after swatching and it didn’t budge! The quality definitely seems to be there so I’ll be putting it to the test tomorrow. Stay tuned for reviews soon!