Another Spa Day with GlamGlow!

Can GlamGlow make a mask I don’t like? I would actually appreciate it! I just finally tried a sample of the Super Mud Clearing Treatment and I just can’t stop touching my face. It’s sooo smooth! And this nasty little breakout I’ve been having is much less noticeable.

The Super Mud Clearing Treatment is very much like YouthMud except it doesn’t tingle at and doesn’t make my skin feel all plump and tight. I kind of like that it doesn’t tingle because it can be so intense when you first apply it. It does make my skin feel incredibly supple and strips away dirt and dead skin pretty well though. My skin did feel dry afterwards but my moisturizer soaked right in and made my face feel amazing. I’m itching to try another sample before I commit because GlamGlow masks aren’t cheap. They’ll run you $70 a pop! But I like the results so I do recommend asking for a sample at Sephora so you can try it too!