Beauty Oils For Everyone! + Sephora Double Points Skincare Special

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Sephora is kicking off the year by dedicating this month to healthy, glowing skin. Of course, we all love to pile up our little baskets (or arms) full of makeup when we hit Sephora but it’s important to remember that it’s easier to look and feel beautiful when your skin is in tip top shape! So to help you keep those new year resolutions Sephora is offering double points on select skincare purchases. Currently, beauty oils are all the rage in skincare so I have some tips and facts to share with you to aid (enable bwahaha) you with your purchase!

Sephora Favorites Beauty Oil Essentials set featuring 12 essential oil formulas uniquely designed for face, body, hair and lip for $56

You can be glowy and not greasy. Afraid using oil to moisturize will make you greasy? Think again! There are plenty of lightweight, quickly absorbing oils that can be used day or night to hydrate and give you glowing skin. The tip is to find the best formula for your skin type and needs.

You can fight oil with oil. Beauty oils aren’t just for dry skin! Even oily skin beauties can benefit from using oils. Applying oil to already oily skin can help manage pore clogging sebum, the skin congesting opponent to clear skin.

You can curb signs of aging with oil. Oils smoothly deliver antioxidants and other powerful anti-aging ingredients to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You can cleanse with oil. Washing with cleansing oil is both gentle and effective for all skin types. It easily breaks down makeup and removes dirt and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils.