Influenster Freebies!

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It’s been a while since I’ve been selected to receive any free goodies from Influenster so you could only imagine my excitement when I received an email from them asking me to participate in the new Gillette Venus Vox Box! For those of you not familiar with Influenster it’s a completely free program for beauty junkies to get selected to review products free of charge. All you need is a blog and a bit of patience. That’s it! Usually, my Vox Box is filled with 4-5 full sized goodies but this program’s sole focus is the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor.

About 60% of women believe their sensitive skin gets in the way of a close, smooth shave but Gillette thinks the sensitive skin symptoms we’re experiencing may just be irritation from using the wrong or dull razor. So Gillette designed the Venus Embrace Sensitive razor which claims to be a perfect match for women with sensitive skin. I used to use an electric razor to shave my arms, pits, and lady areas and it would sometimes cause irritation and in grown hairs. So I switched over to Nair! Here’s where things get a little funny. Don’t judge me! I am COMPLETELY dependent upon Nair for hair removal because I’m too much of a wuss for waxing and I have no idea how to use a typical razor. LOL! Yes, I am going on 24 (on the 30th yay!) and have no idea how to use a razor. I was always really clumsy growing up so my mom passed on teaching me lady hygiene routines that I could possibly hurt myself with. Including tampons. Lmao! Don’t ask me why she had so little faith in my clumsy abilities. Anywho! I’m actually glad Influenster selected me to participate in this program so I can finally learn and be a normal girl! Plus it gives me a chance to share with you guys what I think will probably be one of the funniest beauty moments of 2014 lol. I’m already on YouTube looking up tutorials because I don’t even know where to begin. Wish me luck!