My Autoerotique Has Arrived!

Finally! My Autoerotique blush has arrived! I’m not sure what happened in the warehouse at Nordies but somehow my Magnetic Nude haul came a blush short. I called customer service and they were very nice. The representative sent out my blush no problem via standard shipping. I do wish it was expedited because of all the holidays but at least it’s here, right?

Autoerotique is described as a mid-tone coral pink. It looks pretty similar to Pleasure Model in the pan but it’s lighter and more of a dusty coral. The texture is the same so I know it’s going to end up being a favorite of mine! I love the way Autoerotique looked when I swatched it so I’m eager to start wearing it already. It’s a very soft shade and seems hard to overdo making it perfect for everyday wear. I can’t wait to try it on!