Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser Review

The Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser has quite the following and now I understand why. It’s a pretty great cleanser! No wonder Philosophy is always releasing so many different sizes. You’ll want to have a bottle of this stuff everywhere!

Purity Made Simple is a very gentle cleanser that’s great for all over the face. It’s excellent for ladies with sensitive eyes! Most of the cleansers I’ve tried tingle and burn if I get too close to my eyes but I can smooth Purity all over with no issues. It does lather up a bit but it’s a creamy kind of lather which makes it so gentle. There’s also no heavy fragrance. Just a light citrus scent that quickly fades.

Philosophy claims the lightweight creamy pH-balanced formula deep cleanses pores while removing dirt and makeup. Purity does make my face feel super clean (especially with my Clarisonic!) without stripping it of moisture. However, I definitely recommend using an eye makeup remover before wash time. Purity removes the residue very easily but like most cleansers it can’t handle waterproof formulas well. It’s also an excellent brush cleanser! It gets even the dirtiest of foundation brushes clean and leaves the bristles feeling silky soft.

If you haven’t tried Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser yet you definitely want to head to Sephora as soon as possible!