Keep Your Kissers Flake Free With Philosophy Kiss Me

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We all know how difficult it can be trying to keep your lips in tip top shape during the cold winter months. The constant chapping, cracking and peeling is enough to drive any lipstick lover batty! Insert Philosophy Kiss Me lip scrub. It’s just heaven in a tube. My lips behave so well when I use this little pink beauty!

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Kiss Me comes in a small plastic pink and black tube that looks a lot like a lip gloss. I love that Philosophy went this route with the packaging. It’s very convenient. So many lip scrubs come in jars and it’s so messy! There’s always sugar and dead skin everywhere when I’m done. Not with Kiss Me. I just apply and wipe. No mess in sight!

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The formula is really fantastic! It’s like an oil mixed with tons of exfoliating sugars that scrubs away dead skin while leaving your lips silky soft. A little goes a long way so I definitely recommend using a light hand when applying. Because of the oily base Kiss Me can get a little messy if you over apply. Once it’s on I just mush it around my lips a bit and then wipe with a damp washcloth. A napkin works too but I got the best results when pairing with a washcloth. This combo literally removes every piece of dead skin! When I’m done I’m left with silky smooth lips that aren’t super dry or rough feeling afterwards. I couldn’t ask for more in a lip scrub! It’s easily the best $16 I’ve ever spent. Head over to Philosophy to check it out!

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