MAC Fix+ Review

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Everything isn’t for everybody. Especially when it comes to makeup setting sprays! Depending on your skin type (oily, dry, etc) setting sprays can be heaven sent or a waste of money. I know some ladies don’t care for MAC’s Fix+ spray but I adore it. It’s such a relief for my dry skin!

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Fix+ is fused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to create a soothing effect that leaves the skin radiant and seals your makeup. You just hold the bottle a few inches from your face, close your eyes and spritz once or twice to lightly mist your face. It has a lovely cooling, hydrating effect that sort of awakens the skin and makes it all dewy in a sexy (not sweaty) way. As it soaks into your skin it creates a thin barrier that seals your makeup and smooths it out. I love using Fix+ when applying powders and heavier liquids because it keeps my makeup looking natural and not cakey or mask like. It works very well dry skin! However, if you’re more oily and looking for oil control or prolonged wear you may not like Fix+. It’s definitely worth a try to check it out the next time you hit MAC. I didn’t think it would be any different from Elf’s Makeup Mist and Set but I find a bit more moisturizing and it’s not as watery. I’m glad I bit the bullet and tried it! You never know. You may like it too! The full sized bottle retails for $21 but you can opt for the smaller $10 bottle before committing to the full size. Both are available online and in stores at MAC.