MAC Snapdragon Lipstick Review

When it comes to sheer lipsticks you either love em or hate em. Color me confused because I’m stuck in the middle! Snapdragon is such a lovely color for spring but it’s very sheer. I’m not typically a fan of sheer lipsticks but Snapdragon is starting to grow on me. Just a little!

The color is just beautiful! It’s a soft cool toned pink with a hint of lilac and just the tiniest bit of shimmer. You can definitely see the glitter in the tube but it doesn’t look frosty when applied. The glitter actually makes Snapdragon look moist and plump on the lips. I’m not a fan of the super sheer finish but I must admit the lustre formula makes light, cool shades like Snapdragon so much easier to apply! I’ve been pairing it with Silly lip liner to add more color so I can’t complain to much. I really love the combination! The downside is Snapdragon doesn’t wear very long on its own and it’s a little bit drying as it wears off. I get around 3 hours of wear before it’s pretty much gone. Using a lip liner underneath does help extend the wear time for another hour or two though. If you love sheer pinky lilac lippies you’ll be over the moon with Snapdragon as it is a great lipstick. However, if you’re not into lipsticks that need a lip liner or 10 swipes to apply then I’d pass!