Maybelline Vivids Hot Plum Lipstick Review

I searched high and low for this lipstick because I’ve heard it’s a dupe for my beloved limited edition MAC Daddy’s Little Girl lipstick. I hate that I fell so head over heels for a color that is so hard to find! Unfortunately, Maybelline Vivids Hot Plum lipstick isn’t a spot on dupe for me but I’m still glad I tried it! I’ve been becoming a MAC snob but there’s seriously better lippies out there. Maybelline Hot Plum is one of them!

I’ve always liked drugstore lippies but I’m not a fan of the heavy fragrances and cheap packaging that usually comes with them. I could handle the odd, bulky bright orange packaging. But the scent? It’s hard to bare! I really wish Maybelline would have made the Vivids line unscented. Hot Plum has a heavy powdery scent that smells like diapers to me. It’s just gross! It fades pretty quickly so it doesn’t bother me while I’m wearing it. But it’s pretty strong during application. I don’t think ladies sensitive to smell will enjoy this lippie.

However, if you can make it through the diaper smell you’re home free! Hot Plum is a bright creamy fuchsia with a blue undertone and satin finish. It glides very smoothly on without any tugging or pulling. It goes on pretty glossy but soon sets to a nice satin finish that isn’t drying and wears for around 5-6 hours before fading into a stain. As it fades, I don’t get any ring of color, feathering or cracking and peeling. It’s very comfortable to wear! Much more than most of my MAC lippies! If you can get past the smell I totally recommend checking out Hot Plum at your local drugstore!

MAC Daddy’s Little Girl and Maybelline Vivids Hot Plum

Maybelline Vivids Hot Plum and MAC Daddy’s Little Girl