Sedona Lace Liquid Eye Pen Review

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When I woke up yesterday morning and saw that GoDaddy accidentally deleted my blog I was so frantic! I spent about 90% of my day working to get everything back up and running. And by golly Batman I think I’ve done it! There’s still a few hairs out of place but I just couldn’t wait to make a post. I love you guys and I love blogging! It’s like my colorful little escape. I was SO close to giving you guys yet another purple themed review lol. But I decided to cool it with the purple for a little while and introduce you to my cat eye wonder pen. Check it out!

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The Sedona Lace Liquid Eye Pen was a winner from day one. I received it completely free as a gift from Sedona Lace for being one of the first Black Friday customers. I thought it was a really sweet gesture. How awesome is free makeup? The Liquid Eye Pen looks like your average liquid eyeliner pen. The packaging is small and lightweight but not too thin so it’s very easy to hold and grip. The top snaps on pretty tight and locks moisture in pretty well. I received this liner back in December and two months later it still hasn’t dried out.

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The applicator looks a little large but it has a pretty fine tip so I can tightline or go for a glam chunky cat eye if I’d like. The formula is pretty fantastic too! The Liquid Eye Pen is very pigmented and goes on very smoothly and evenly. It doesn’t take long to set so I don’t get eyeliner all over my freakishly meaty hooded lids during application. Once it’s set it doesn’t budge and holds up all day even with my watery eyes. It’s just a regular ol’ liquid liner but I love the Liquid Eye Pen! Cat eyes are so much easier to create with this beauty! I received this one for free but I’ll probably end up purchasing one the next time I order more amazing brushes from Sedona Lace. It’s such great quality and pretty cheap too at just $5. I definitely recommend checking it out if you love liquid liners!

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2 Thoughts to “Sedona Lace Liquid Eye Pen Review”

  1. Oh nooo they accidentally deleted your blog? I’d be SO mad! Glad you got it back up and running! Phew.

    This one kinda reminds me of the Eyeko one I owned a long time ago. I love felt-tip liners! They are about the only type of applicators I know how to use.

    1. fancie

      I thought I was going to explode! Lol it was such a nightmare! I’m so glad you commented because I totally forgot about Eyeko! I loved their liquid liner and this reminds me of it a lot. It’s a pretty great dupe!

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