Chanel Pinceau Poudre Powder Brush #1 Review

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We’re all familiar with the age old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Sometimes it isn’t always true but when it comes to Chanel it’s pretty dead on. Chanel just screams luxury and the Pinceau Poudre Powder Brush #1 is as luxurious as any brush can be. Take a look!

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The Pinceau Poudre Powder Brush #1 features a sturdy, short plastic handle with a long shiny metal ferrule. It’s incredibly well made and feels very nice in the hand. I’ve had it for quite a few months now and it still feels pretty solid. The ferrule is still tightly connected to the handle and I haven’t experienced any shedding at all. I’ve washed the Pinceau Poudre Powder Brush #1 more times than I can count and it hasn’t shed one hair. The quality is seriously amazing!

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The bristles are made of natural fibers (Chanel doesn’t list which kind) that are very soft and doesn’t feel scratchy on the skin at all. The brush head is small but incredibly dense so it picks up pigment well and allows for precise placement and blending. It’s ideal for powder products but it works well to blend out creams and liquids too. Chanel recommends using the Pinceau Poudre Powder Brush #1 for primer and all over powders but I find that it works great as a contour and blush brush as well. It’s very pricey at $65 but it’s well worth the investment. The Pinceau Poudre Powder Brush #1 is a brush that will hold it’s value for years especially when cared for properly. I highly recommend taking a trip to your local Chanel counter to try it out!

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4 Thoughts to “Chanel Pinceau Poudre Powder Brush #1 Review”

  1. This is way out of my budget right now, but what a beauty this is!

    1. fancie

      It costs a pretty penny but it’s so worth it! I was a little hesitant until I tried it but I’m glad I bit the bullet

  2. Whew! $65 is hefty but as you said, you get what you pay for! I’m sure a Chanel brush is just so luxurious and worth it! One day…lol!

    1. fancie

      It’s one of those beauty buys I had to start a little piggy bank for LOL

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