ELF Studio Daily Brush Cleaner Review

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You guys know by now that I hate deep cleansing my brushes. It’s just too much of a chore! The Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser has been a big help on wash days but I need clean brushes everyday, right? Insert the ELF Daily Brush Cleanser. This spray on brush sanitizer is a must have for lazy lads like me. Check it out!

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The ELF Daily Brush Cleaner used to come in a super sized 8.5 oz black plastic spray bottle but these days the bottle is much, much smaller. I’ve had mine for quite some time so I’m not sure exactly when ELF made the change but judging from reviews online the formula is still the same. The Daily Brush Cleaner is still a great deal at $3 for 2 oz. It’s just a little disappointing that ELF decided to make the bottles so much smaller. However, the excellent formula makes up for it! The Daily Brush Cleaner leaves my brushes pretty clean after each use with just one spray. I simply give my dirty brushes a quick spritz, rub the gunk out on a napkin and done. It even works well with gel liner and foundation! The scent is just crazy strong though. It smells like a light cleaning agent but it’s so heavily fragranced that it could be a bit irritating if you have a sensitive nose. Otherwise, the ELF Studio Daily Brush Cleaner is an excellent investment for any makeup lover. Especially for $3!