NARS Bourbon Street Larger Than Life Eyeliner Review

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Is it just me or is purple becoming the new black? I just can’t stop wearing it! Whether it’s on my lips or eyes I just can’t get enough. My current purple muse is the NARS Bourbon Street Larger Than Life Eyeliner and it’s just heaven in a stick. Take a look!

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Bourbon Street is a deep eggplant purple with the subtlest hint of shimmer and a light grape scent. The pencil is rather long but easy to hold and pretty convenient to use since it’s retractable. No sharpening necessary! I’ve never tried a scented eyeliner before so I was a little nervous that it might bother me but not at all! I only smell it when I’m sniffing the pencil (I’m odd like that) so it isn’t distracting during application and it doesn’t make my eyes water or itch. Bourbon Street has a slightly dry texture and it’s not super pigmented or opaque in one swipe. It still applies pretty smoothly without skipping or tugging across my lids during application though. It goes on mostly opaque in one swipe but because of the drier texture it can apply unevenly. I prefer to build it with a few extra swipes to ensure that it looks even and gives me the strong purple pop I like. Bourbon Street is fairly easy to smudge for a smokey look but you have to work pretty quickly because once it sets it doesn’t budge at all. Bourbon Street is a dream for ladies with watery eyes or oily lids because it doesn’t smudge, flake or fade for well over 8 hours. I’ve actually fallen asleep with it on and still woke up to traces of purple. The staying power is pretty darn impressive! It’s a bit of a struggle to remove though so I highly suggest using an oil based or a heavy duty waterproof makeup remover to really get it off.

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I do wish Bourbon Street was a touch creamier and more pigmented but it’s still a beautiful liner that lasts and lasts. I definitely recommend it to any purple lover who struggles keeping eyeliner on for a full day! You can find NARS Bourbon Street Larger Than Life Eyeliner at Sephora for $24.

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