Ready, Set, Tone!

Have you ever wondered if your skin was completely clean after wash time? I sure have! There’s been quite a few times I felt like I was on top of my skincare routine but still suffered from breakouts. Breakouts can occur for a number of reasons like stress, environmental changes, hormones and more. One of the most common causes is that we simply aren’t cleaning thoroughly enough to unclog those pores. I had no idea how much dirt I was leaving behind until I started using a toner. It was shocking!
At first, I didn’t know how useful and important toners can be. Boy am I glad I added one to my routine! I was under the impression it was only for people with oily skin but everyone can benefit from using toners. Here’s a quick list of benefits:

    • It shrinks pores.
      As I mentioned earlier, toners help to remove that excess oil and dirt left over after cleansing. Once your pores are all clean they shrink and become less noticeable.
    • It helps regulate your skin pH balance.
      Some soaps and cleansers can throw off the pH balance of our skin. When this happens our skin works to restore that balance which can result in oily skin. Using a toner prevents your skin from working too hard and creating excess oil.
    • It adds an extra layer of protection.
      It’s not always what you apply to your skin that can cause damage. Just walking outside can effect your skin health. The environment can be pretty harsh sometimes! Toners help close your pores and tighten cell gaps to limit the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants.

    I’ve only tried one toner (so far) and I really like it! The Chanel Precision Lotion Douceur is both gentle and hydrating so it works very well with my dry skin. It has a light refreshing floral scent and it doesn’t break me out. After cleansing with my Boscia Tsubaki Oil Gel Cleanser I load up a cotton ball with Lotion Douceur and wipe all over my face and neck. It removes every trace of dirt and oil while leaving my face feeling soft and moist. My only complaint is that it feels a little sticky afterwards and takes a couple of minutes to fully absorb. Otherwise, it’s a joy to use! Of course, Lotion Douceur won’t work for everyone so I highly recommend doing a bit of research to find a toner that works best for your skin type. Your skin will thank you!

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    1. dawn marie

      amen to toner!

      1. fancie

        Isn’t it the best?

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