The Art of Co-Washing

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It’s been so long since I’ve done a hair post! I’m still on my journey to waist length and I must say things are going pretty darn well. At the moment, I’m about 3-5 inches away so fingers (and toes) crossed I hit my goal by fall! Since I’ve embarked on my hair journey I’ve learned a lot of different techniques to nourish and protect my precious strands. One of my favorites has been co-washing. It works wonders for keeping my hair moisturized and frizz free!

Co-washing is an extremely simple technique that any hair type can benefit from. You just swap out your shampoo for your fave conditioner during wash day. That’s it!  Most shampoos contain a lot of harsh chemical agents like sulfates (which creates lather) that strip your hair of its natural oils and leaves it feeling dry and brittle with constant use. Co-washing, or conditioner washing, is a gentler way to clean your strands without drying them out. The first time I heard about co-washing I was concerned that it wouldn’t really get my hair clean but it does! When I rinsed, I saw the dirt roll right off just as it does when I use shampoo. My mane is pretty thick and always thirsty so I prefer co-washing over using shampoo. In fact, I only shampoo once a month since I very rarely use heat. If you have a finer hair texture or rely on heat styling I’d recommend co-washing every other wash day to prevent over moisturizing and buildup. I can’t promise you any miracles but I guarantee you’ll notice a difference in your hair texture once you start co-washing! Just be sure to rinse well!

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    I love cowashing, too!!!!

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