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Good morning gals! I’m up bright and early getting ready to hit my local MAC Pro store for the release of the ever so bright Playland collection. As you can see, I’ve collected a mountain of empties to return to MAC for some free lippies. Yes, free!

MAC has an amazing recycling program that allows you to return 6 primary containers for a freebie. Awesome right? Pretty much everything is eligible to recycle except pencils you have to sharpen. At counters (like Nordstrom and Macy’s), you can only redeem your empties for a free lipstick. However, if you live near a Pro location you can redeem them for a lipstick, lip glass or eyeshadow of your choice. You can also send in your empties online if you have the patience! The only downside is that the rules vary from place to place. My local pro store allows Back To MAC for limited edition lippies as long as they’re not in special packaging but yours may not. It’s always best to call ahead first just in case because MAC stores aren’t always on the same page, unfortunately. When Fantasy of Flowers released my pro store allowed customers to Back To MAC for the collection. Hopefully the policy hasn’t changed or anything because I’m ready to get my neon on with those Playland lippies!

3 Thoughts to “Back To MAC Program”

  1. Oh man! Enjoy your recycling! I ordered some of the Playland lipsticks – can’t wait to see them!

    1. fancie

      Thank you! I can’t wait to hear how you like them! I was able to pick up a few yesterday but I still have 2 more coming on backorder from Nordstrom. I can’t wait for them to get here!

      1. MacBarbie16

        Quick question.
        Would you recommend mac creme de la femme or mac sweetie for NC35 skin ?

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