MAC Happy Go Lucky Lipstick Review

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I don’t know how I ever thought I’d be able to skip this lipstick! I do own quite a bit of bright pink lippies but I don’t think anything quite compares to Happy Go Lucky. I feel happy whenever I slather it on! Take a look!

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Happy Go Lucky didn’t look all that exciting when swatched but once it was on my lips it was love at first sight! It’s a bright fuchsia with just a tiny hint of purple and an amplified finish. I thought it would be a dupe for Candy Yum Yum or Pink Pigeon but it’s darker and warmer than both. Happy Go Lucky does have an almost neon feel to it like Candy Yum Yum but I certainly wouldn’t call them dupes. Very close though!

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Happy Go Lucky goes on pretty creamy and applies evenly and opaque in one swipe . It’s a very easy shade to wear and it’s so long lasting! Happy Go Lucky wears pretty comfortably for around 6-7 hours before it begins to fade and stain. I really like the Amplified formula because it isn’t drying like some other MAC formulas. However, it does tend to settle into lip lines as it wears off because it’s so creamy. It wasn’t too noticeable from a distance when worn alone so I didn’t find it to be too troublesome. Plus, it’s nothing a good primer or lip liner couldn’t fix! When I paired it with Magenta lip pencil there was pretty much no feathering at all. Just bright pink goodness! Happy Go Lucky is a lipstick I highly recommend for all pink lovers and bright lip fans. It may look like your average pink lipstick but it’s actually pretty unique and so gorgeous for spring and summer! Unfortunately, Happy Go Lucky is sold out almost everywhere but if you have a bit a patience you can order it online from Nordstrom. All of the Playland lipsticks are still available there but are currently on backorder until May 5th. It’s definitely worth the wait though!

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  1. Sad I didn’t get my hands on “playland” – but I do have this one and it looks fabulous on you!

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