MAC Mangrove Lipstick Swatches & Comparison

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I literally just received my Mangrove lipstick from the Proenza Schouler collection and I’m already over the moon! The second I slipped off the cap I threw it on. It’s seriously gorgeous! I don’t typically go for orange or red lippies but Mangrove might have just sparked a love affair. Take a peek!

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Upon receiving Mangrove I thought it looked a lot like Lady Danger. But it’s definitely different! Both lipsticks are matte and sport a reddish orange hue but Lady Danger is darker, brighter and leans more orange than Mangrove. They’re both beautiful shades but I think Mangrove is a little more wearable since it’s a bit more muted. It still packs a punch though! So I wouldn’t recommend Mangrove for the faint of heart. However, if you’re into bright red-orange lipsticks with a sexy matte finish then you need to head over to MAC now! The Proenza Schouler collection has been up for a few days but all of lipsticks are still available. I’m sure it’s because of the couture pricing ($22) but I still don’t expect them to stick around for too long. Hurry and get your Mangrove!

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MAC Lady Danger lipstick (top) and MAC Mangrove lipstick (bottom)

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  1. Oh eeee Mangrove looks STUNNING on you! It looks like a gorgeous coral on you! Now I am seriously tempted!

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