MAC Playland Lipstick Review

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Talk about a gift and a curse! Playland is such a fun, unique lipstick from MAC but it takes a lot of work to get right. My goodness! I prayed to the makeup gods that Playland would play nice with my lips like the ever so lovely Viva Glam Rihanna but it’s a whole new ballgame with this one.

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Playland is a bright shimmering pale yellow gold with a frost finish and classic MAC vanilla scent. The color is absolutely beautiful and gives such a fun, sparkly effect on your kissers when done right. Playland sports lots of shimmer and a frost finish like Viva Glam Rihanna but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Playland has a much stiffer texture and tends to settle into lip lines quite a bit. It does go on smoothly without any tugging or dragging but it’s hard to get a nice even coat. If you’re looking for a light shimmery wash of color then it performs pretty well and is much easier to apply evenly. But if you’re like me and want full on sparkling yellow gold lips then prepare for a small battle. I saw the best results when I prepped with a little balm, blotted and then applied Playland. I was able to get it nice and opaque without much patchiness that way.  But when I applied it straight from the tube or paired it with Prep + Prime Lip things got ugly quick! The application reminded me a lot of Talk That Talk. It went on smoothly everywhere but the inner part of my bottom lip. I just couldn’t get the color to stick there to save my life! Once I got it on without looking all patchy and crazy things got a lot better. Playland wore comfortably without feeling gritty or drying for over 4 hours and looked even better once it began to fade and stain.

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I do believe that Playland can work on its own but I found that it performed a little better when layered with something else. It played very well when paired with Brightside lip glass to give it more of a creamy yellow feel rather than straight up gold. I also loved how Playland looked paired with Ablaze and Lasting Sensation lip liners. The combo made my lips look like a sunset. So beautiful! Playland definitely takes a bit of elbow grease to wear alone so I don’t recommend it for anyone who likes a fuss free lipstick. However, if you have the patience and creativity to make it work then I say go for it! Playland is very unique and great for layering so it’ll make a great addition to any stash. Just be prepared to do a bit of tinkering! I’m sure by now Playland is sold out at most (if not all) MAC locations but you can still score it online from Nordstrom. It’s currently on backorder though so it won’t ship until May 5th. Better late than never, right?

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2 Thoughts to “MAC Playland Lipstick Review”

  1. Lisamichelle

    Hey Fancy! I swatched the yellow-gold from the Playland collection and I had to pass the yellow-gold shimmer lipstick. However, the Happy-go-lucky was a win! I like pinks and this one had a nice vibrant pop!

    1. fancie

      I just LOVE Happy Go Lucky! Granted, I love just about every pink lipstick I come across lol. But it’s something special about that one. It’s so beautiful and vibrant! I’m glad you’re enjoying yours as well 🙂

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