Milani Anti-Feathering Lip Liner Review

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For every high end product there’s always a dupe. You just have to find it! In the case of the MAC Prep + Prime Lip primer you don’t have to search too hard because I’ve found it for you! While it’s not exactly the same the Milani Anti-Feathering Lip Liner comes pretty darn close and costs less than half of Prep + Prime Lip. Check it out!

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The Milani Anti-Feathering Lip Liner is a clear waxy pencil that primes your lips to allow for a better lippie application. It creates a barrier between your lips and your lip color that prevents bleeding and feathering. Like MAC Prep + Prime Lip, it fills all the cracks and crevices that lippies love to sink into and make everything look all yucky. The only differences I’ve found between the two is that it requires sharpening and it’s not as moisturizing as Prep + Prime. You’ll still need to prep with a balm beforehand if you have really dry lips. Otherwise, it’s a steal for just $5 that you can pair with any lipstick, stain, or gloss of your choice. I highly recommend it!

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  1. This reminds me of Urban Decay’s lip liner in Ozone, except a ton cheaper. Milani is awesome.

    1. fancie

      I almost forgot about UD’s version! I may have to try it out and compare the two

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