Milani Ravish Raspberry Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss Review

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It’s more Milani madness! I’ve really been digging the Color Statement lipsticks lately so I decided to branch out and try some glosses. The Brilliant Shine lip gloss was introduced in the new Spring collection and comes in 14 shiny shades. So far I’ve only tried Ravish Raspberry but I’m definitely adding more colors to my collection soon. Check it out!

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Ravish Raspberry comes in squared plastic tube with a shiny gold top. The packaging doesn’t look or feel cheap to me. It’s actually quite simple and cute! It features a long, soft paddle shaped applicator that reminds me a lot of the one from the Lip Intense Liquid Lip Colors. Ravish Raspberry is a deep berry fuchsia with lots of shine and a light, sweet scent that reminds me of graham crackers. It’s moderately pigmented with a mostly opaque glossy finish that deposits a nice amount of color. My natural lip color does shine through a bit but not too much. The formula is slightly thick and sticky but it’s still pretty comfortable to wear. I know most ladies don’t like sticky glosses but Ravish Raspberry isn’t like your typical sticky gloss (think MAC lip glass or NARS lip gloss). It’s still lightweight and very moisturizing from start to finish. Ravish Raspberry was also very forgiving on my dry lips. The Brilliant Shine formula does tend to hug the lips but it didn’t accentuate any dryness or settle into my lip lines at all. It’s pretty long lasting too! Ravish Raspberry wore for a total of 6 hours before completely fading away. And that’s with eating and drinking! The formula is pretty darn good! I wasn’t expecting much from a $6 gloss but I was blown away by the quality. I totally recommend heading to your local drugstore and giving the Milani Ravish Raspberry Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss a try!

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