NARS Adult Swim Collection for Summer 2014

 photo summer2014_nars001.jpg

I’ve always been a NARS gal but the upcoming Adult Swim summer collection has me screaming, “Here NARS! Take my money!” Mr. Francois must be hard at work over there because this collection is just gorgeous. I want pretty much everything! I’m still trying to control my crazy impulse buying but all of that may fly right out the window when Adult Swim releases in stores next month. Have a peek!

 photo summer2014_nars002.jpg

Duo Eyeshadow ($34.00)

  • Tropical Princess neon lemon lime/icy lavender (limited edition)
  • Lost Coast golden pewter/lilac snow (limited edition)

Single Eyeshadow ($24.00)

  • Malacca iridescent peacock

Soft Touch Shadow Pencil ($24.00)

  • Iraklion smoky rose quartz

Eye Paint ($25.00)

  • Baalbek bronze

Nail Polish ($19.00)

  • Libertango geranium (limited edition)

Lip Gloss ($26.00)

  • Orgasm peachy pink with shimmer
  • Priscilla shocking pink
  • Salamanca pink flamingo
  • Turkish Delight pink sherbert
  • Wonder sheer mandarin with pink and gold shimmer

Illuminator ($30.00)

  • Hot Sand peach champagne

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 photo summer2014_nars003.jpg

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 photo summer2014_nars008.jpg

 photo summer2014_nars007.jpg

 photo summer2014_nars009.jpg

 photo summer2014_nars010.jpg

 photo summer2014_nars006.jpg


Isn’t it all so beautiful? Excuse me while I swoon. Anywho! If you’re too impatient (kinda like me) and don’t mind ordering online the Adult Swim Collection will be available at NARS on April 15th. I’m going to wait for the Sephora release as I always rack up a few gift cards from Viggle. So far I have my eye on Tropical Princess eyeshadow duo, Malacca eyeshadow single, Priscilla and Wonder lip glosses and Hot Sand illuminator. Whew! Will you be hauling anything from Adult Swim?