NARS Black Valley Eye Paint Review

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I try to tell myself I’m going to start wearing eyeshadow everyday but it never really happens. I’m just so lazy these days! All the patting, swiping and blending is just too much work for me sometimes. But you know what’s nice? A good ol’ sexy cat eye. I can do that all day, everyday baby! It’s just my thing. For quite some time I’ve relied on my trusty fave Yves Saint Laurent gel eyeliner but now there’s a new favorite in town. Meet the NARS Black Valley Eye Paint!

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The NARS Eye Paint formula is fairly new to the permanent collection but it packs quite the punch. The formula doubles as a cream eyeshadow and liner so it’s pretty versatile and convenient. It comes in your typical glass jar packaging with the classic NARS rubbery matte touch on the lid. I’ve had my jar for about a year now before finally using it (so terrible!) and it hasn’t dried up or lost any of its creamy goodness so far. Nice job, NARS!

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Black Valley is a deep, intense black that applies very creamy and opaque. The pigmentation is very nice! It doesn’t take any building at all to get the super dark intensity you see in the pot.  Because it doubles as a cream shadow it takes a few seconds to fully set without smudging. Waiting for it to set does get a little annoying sometimes if you have hooded lids and love a nice, thick line but it honestly doesn’t take too long at all. However, if you’re using it as a cream shadow you’d want to put a little pep in your step to smudge and blend things out. Once this baby has set it’s not budging! I don’t experience any smudging or fading on my lash line or waterline for well over 10 hours with Black Valley. I’m not always diligent when it comes to removing my eye makeup at night so there has been times that I’ve fallen asleep with Black Valley on my lids. Even after a full night’s rest it’s still pretty much in tact without the raccoon eyes look. The Eye Paint formula isn’t listed as waterproof but Black Valley still takes a bit of effort to remove. Not only does it hold up extremely well with my everlasting watery eyes but it doesn’t come off too easily with a makeup wipe either. Black Valley definitely requires a good eye makeup remover (olive oil works pretty well) to fully remove it. I highly recommend Black Valley to anyone in search of a super black, long wearing multitasking cream eyeliner. Whether you’re going for a sexy smoky eye or winged liner it gets the job done and looks fabulous from sun up to sun down! You can check out the NARS Black Valley Eye Paint at Sephora for $25.

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