Revlon Icy Violet Super Lustrous Lipstick Review

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I told you I’d be back soon with some Revlon Legacy Lipstick reviews soon! I’m trying to get myself in the habit of actually using the stuff I haul instead of pushing it to the back of my stash for months on end. Things are getting better! I’ve been all over purple lippies lately so, of course, I chose to test out Icy Violet first. Take a look!

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Icy Violet is limited edition but it still features the regular Super Lustrous design with a shiny black plastic tube and gold accents. The formula is also on par with the regular Super Lustrous lipsticks I’ve tried. It applies creamy and smoothly with no tugging or skipping and feels pretty good on the lips. Despite the shimmer, it doesn’t feel gritty or drying at all. Icy Violet is actually lightly moisturizing and quite comfortable to wear. I get around 3-4 hours of wear out of Icy Violet before it begins to fade. There’s no feathering or bleeding as it wears away but you are left with some noticeable glitter residue once it’s gone.

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When I first hauled the Legacy Super Lustrous collection I thought Icy Violet would be my favorite. I mean, it’s purple! But it’s actually not as purple or violet as the name suggests. Icy Violet is more of a shimmering mauve that’s a bit sheer when applied. It takes me a few swipes to achieve the full intensity I like. Luckily, the Super Lustrous formula is such a breeze to work with so it doesn’t create any weird lines or travel around my mouth after swiping on a ton of layers. With a couple of swipes Icy Violet gives me that shimmering mauve color I was telling you about. Add a few more swipes and it becomes more opaque and looks a bit more purple. Kind of like a frosty lilac shade. It’s actually quite pretty built up! While Icy Violet wasn’t quite what I was expecting in terms of color the formula is still incredibly impressive. Especially for a drugstore lipstick! I definitely recommend checking out your local drugstore or super store and picking up Icy Violet before it disappears!

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7 Thoughts to “Revlon Icy Violet Super Lustrous Lipstick Review”

  1. I do the same thing! So much makeup I can’t keep up, it’s ridiculous! Anywho, this color looks gorgeous on you! I’ve been eyeing the limited editions for a couple of weeks now.. You may have just enabled me to get this one, if I can find it 😉

    xo, Natasha | Bonjour Beauty Blog

    1. fancie

      Thank you! It makes me feel a bit better that I’m not the only serial hauler out there lol. It’s just so hard when there’s so much pretty makeup coming out everyday! I hope you can track these down though! Have you tried Ulta? They also carry Revlon and it’s 40% off until the 19th

      1. Funny you mention that, I actually made a trip there today because of that sale! They didn’t have the limited edition lipsticks there, but I still ended up with a couple goodies 🙂

  2. This shade looks gorgeous!! 🙂


    1. fancie

      Thank you! I didn’t think I’d like all the frostiness but I’m starting to love it!

  3. Hey Fancie, this is gorgeous on you! A very Fancie shade indeed! I can’t seem to pull of frosty lipsticks too well, but it looks great on you here!

    1. fancie

      Thank Sunny! I used to think the same but frosty lipsticks are really starting to grow on me! I think this would look quite lovely on you actually lol

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