Revlon Snow Peach Super Lustrous Lipstick Review

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I’ve really been digging the Revlon Legacy Collection these days! Icy Violet turned out to be quite the shimmery treat and Snow Peach isn’t too bad either. It’s such a beautiful color for spring and summer. Take a peek!

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Snow Peach is a bright creamy pinky coral and no fragrance or taste.The color is absolutely beautiful! It really makes my lips pop and packs a vibrant punch. However, it isn’t as easy and carefree as some of the other Super Lustrous lipsticks I’ve tried. Snow Peach has a matte finish so there’s no sheen in sight and it’s ultra clingy. I didn’t find it to be drying but it’s not too forgiving on dry lips. It settles into every crack and accentuates dry patches. I had to exfoliate and moisturize really well for the best results.

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Once I got Snow Peach on without looking crazy it wore pretty decently. It lasted comfortably for around 3-4 hours before staining. Again, there was a lot of feathering so the stain wasn’t too attractive on me. Snow Peach is a shade I definitely had to keep my eyes on during the day. It’s certainly not a lipstick I’d recommend wearing alone especially if you have dry lips like mine. However, it fared much, much better when paired with a lip liner or primer (like Milani’s clear liner or MAC Prep + Primer). If you have smooth, crack free lips then I wouldn’t hesitate to try out Snow Peach. It’s a really beautiful lipstick! But if your lips are less than perfect then I totally recommend you exfoliate and find a nice pencil or primer to pair with it. Snow Peach is a limited edition shade and I’ve heard it’s pretty hard for you ladies to track down. Be sure to check the next aisle over when surfing your local drugstore because they won’t be located with the rest of the Revlon gang. I found the Legacy Collection at CVS in a separate aisle with its own display. Hope this helps!

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  1. Ashleigh Boyd

    This one is so pretty. Definitely picking it up if I see it.

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