Too Faced Fuchsia Shock La Creme Lipstick Review

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Did I mention that I’m a serial hauler? I swatched my Too Faced La Creme Lipstick collection SO long ago but haven’t really tried them until now. I know. I’m so terrible! Since I’ve slowed down a bit on the impulse buying I’ve been able to rediscover some goodies I’ve long abandoned. Like the lovely Fuchsia Shock La Creme lipstick!

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Fuchsia Shock comes in a gorgeous solid gold tube that’s sleek and chic. It looks like it would be a little heavy but it actually feels pretty good in the hand. Very luxurious! The only thing I don’t like is that it’s a little difficult to determine the shade inside if you have more than one. There’s no colored stickers or anything on the bottom so I really have to read the names when digging for it in my stash. Otherwise, the packaging is pretty darn nice!

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Fuchsia Shock is a bright fuchsia pink with a glossy sheen with no noticeable scent. It swatches more on the berry side but it pulls more fuchsia when applied. Fuchsia Shock goes on super creamy, opaque and even in one swipe. It’s very glossy upon application so it does travel a bit if you over apply. After an hour or so the glossiness fades to a comfortable satin finish that doesn’t bleed or feather into lip lines. I found Fuchsia Shock to be pretty moisturizing and never drying even after it faded away. The only thing I don’t like about Fuchsia Shock is that it doesn’t wear very long. It lasts for a total of 3-4 hours before it’s completely faded. The wear time isn’t too bad but it comes up a bit short compared to Milani and MAC lipsticks that wear for 3-4 hours and then stain for another 2-4 hours. Overall, Fuchsia Shock is still a really nice formula. It’s very forgiving on dry lips making them look lush and sexy and never dry and icky. I just recommend pairing it with a lip liner if you want it to last a little longer. You can find the Too Faced Fuchsia Shock La Creme Lipstick online at Too Faced or in stores at Sephora for $22.

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  1. CamilliaHandmade

    Color looks beautiful on you:) Again, great post!

    1. fancie

      Thank you! I think I need to raid my stash more often lol. I’ve discovered quite a few goodies!

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