MAC Alluring Aquatic Haul & Swatches

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I don’t know whether to rejoice or be disappointed that the new MAC Alluring Aquatic summer collection had such boring colors. The packaging is seriously to die for! Everything looks stunning in pictures but the packaging is so much more gorgeous in person. I’m actually glad I decided to order online because if I checked this collection out in stores today I would have ended up with much more than two lipsticks. That’s for sure!

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The packaging is a bright, metallic teal with raised “water drops”. I thought the droplets might feel a little weird but they’re actually quite nice! The lipsticks feel really good in the hand. This is the first time I’ve ever fondled a lipstick. I know, it sounds kinda dirty. I just can’t help myself though! Who wouldn’t want to feel up and ogle these things?

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Alluring Aquatic featured a lot of nudes and natural shades so it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. However, i couldn’t resist grabbing a lipstick or two! I’ll be honest. I was more in it for the packaging than the products but so far I’m happy with my small haul. I ordered two lipsticks, Mystical and Goddess of the Sea which are both Cremesheens. The rest of the lipsticks were more on the nude side so I decided to skip. As you know, I’m more of a bold lip kind of gal!

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I wouldn’t consider Mystical or Goddess of the Sea bold colors but they’re quite beautiful on my skintone. Mystical is a warm brownish pink that’s more of a “my lips but better” kind of shade. It reminds me a lot of Glamour Daze and Bad Girl Riri¬†actually. I think I like Mystical a little better than them both though. It’s a little lighter and more pink than Glamour Daze and a little less brown yet more creamy than Bad Girl Riri. Goddess of the Sea is a lovely mid-tone purple that’s a quite unique shade for me. I can’t really think of any dupes that I may have in my collection. I thought it would look a lot like Heavenly Hybrid¬†but it’s not as pink. The closest lipstick I can think of would be Punk Couture which is much deeper, matte and more of a blue based purple. I haven’t tried it on yet but I think Goddess of the Sea will be my favorite of the two. I’ve already started testing Mystical so expect some reviews soon! In the meantime, enjoy the swatches!

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Mystical and Goddess of the Sea