MAC Goddess of the Sea Lipstick Review

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I’m such a sucker for purple lipsticks and Goddess of the Sea isn’t making things any easier! There were 4 other lipsticks released in the oh so beautiful MAC Alluring Aquatic collection but Goddess of the Sea is hands down my fave. I’m already searching hard for a backup!

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I originally decided to order a couple of lipsticks from Alluring Aquatic because of the packaging but the colors are really quite impressive! Mystical turned out to be a great neutral lipstick while Goddess of the Sea makes for an awesome everyday purple. I know everyone isn’t comfortable rocking shades like Heroine┬áso MAC offered quite the lovely alternative. Goddess of the Sea offers a nice pop of color without coming off too bright or bold. It’s just perfect!

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Goddess of the Sea is a soft, mid-tone berry purple with a Cremesheen finish. Surprisingly, I don’t have anything in my stash close to it. The closest lipstick I can think of is Punk Couture and they’re very different. Goddess of the Sea is much lighter and creamier with just a hint of pink but not too much. It’s definitely one of the more “purple” lipsticks MAC has released recently. The formula is also a nice treat! Goddess of the Sea applies very creamy and opaque with a nice soft sheen. Despite the soft, creamy finish I didn’t experience any feathering or bleeding. Like Mystical, Goddess of the Sea is very easy on the lips. It doesn’t accentuate any dry patches and doesn’t feeling drying at all.Goddess of the Sea wears comfortably for a little over 3 hours before beginning to fade. I usually prefer longer wearing lipsticks but I don’t mind reapplying Goddess of the Sea at all because the formula is so good. Naturally, it’s going to be a pain trying to track down Goddess of the Sea but I have faith that MAC will restock some of the Alluring Aquatic goodies soon. Just keep an eye out for them online!

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4 Thoughts to “MAC Goddess of the Sea Lipstick Review”

  1. Jessica Ruth

    I loved this lipstick so much that I had to purchase a back up too! I’m also a sucker for purple lipstick!

    1. fancie

      I really hope I can track down another one lol. I love it so much!

      1. Jessica Ruth

        Well, the first one that I purchased came from last week for $16.50. My back up came from Ebay for $20…which isn’t too bad considering that some folks were selling it for double and triple that!?

  2. Please swatch Goddess of the Sea along side Heroine.

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